5000元 一生一賽:《走向新建筑》100年,全球首次建筑理念征集


#Next100 New5#柯布發布“新建筑5點”已百年。面對下個百年,我輩能否提出新的5點?#Next100 New5#The only competition in your life: 100 years of "Towards New Architecture", the first collection of architectural ideas in the world.Corbusier has released "5 points of new architecture" for a century.Facing the next century,can our generation put forward new 5 points?


  從1920年起,勒·柯布西埃在其主編的《新精神》雜志上連續發表論文,提倡建筑的革新,走平民化、工業化、功能化的道路,提倡相應的新的建筑美學。Since 1920, Le Corbusier has continuously published papers in the magazine “new spirit”edited by him, advocating architectural innovation, taking the road of popularization, industrialization and functionalization, and advocating corresponding new architectural aesthetics.柯布將這些論文匯集為《走向新建筑》并于1923年正式出版,宣告現代主義建筑的誕生。Corbusier collected these papers into "towards a new architecture", which was officially published in 1923, announcing the birth ofModernist Architecture.



在其后1928年薩伏伊別墅的設計中,柯布展現了現代主義著名的標識——新建筑5點。這5點分別是:1、柱網承重,底層架空2、自由平面3、自由立面4、橫向連續窗5、屋頂花園In the design of the villa Savoye in 1928, Corbusier showed the famous symbol of Modernism -5 points of new architecture.These 5 points are:1.Pilotis– The replacement of supporting walls by a grid of reinforced concrete columns that bears the structural load is the basis of the new aesthetic.2.The free designing of the ground plan– The absence of supporting walls—means the house is unrestrained in its internal use.3.The free design of the fa?ade– By separating the exterior of the building from its structural function the fa?ade becomes free.4.The horizontal window– The fa?ade can be cut along its entire length to allow rooms to be lit equally.5.Roof gardens– The flat roof can be utilized for a domestic purpose while also providing essential protection to the concrete roof.

  100年以來,全球建筑仍然延續著柯布所開創的“新建筑5點”在前行。在現代主義建筑之后,又分別誕生了后現代主義、解構主義等諸多流派,但至今沒有任何思想能取代“新建筑5點”的主導地位。Over the past 100 years, global architecture has continued the "5 points of new architecture" created by Corbusier. After modernist architecture, postmodernism and deconstruction were born respectively, but so far there is no idea can replace the dominant position of "5 points of new architecture".


在剛剛過去的新世紀前20年中,互聯網席卷全球,信息革命深刻的影響了各行各業。也許是時候再來一次建筑革命了!In the first 20 years of the new century, the Internet swept the world, and the information revolution had a profound impact on all walks of life.Maybe it's time for another architectural revolution!你對下個百年的未來建筑有哪些創新的提議?讓我們致敬柯布,一起來書寫屬于21世紀未來城市的“新建筑5點”2.0版吧。What innovative proposals do you have for future architecture in the next century?Let's pay tribute to Corbusier and write version 2.0 of "5 points of new architecture" belonging to the future city of the 21st century.順便解釋一下,為什么我們要說這是每位建筑師“一生唯一機會”呢?因為我們決定這個活動,每100年舉辦一次……By the way, why do we say that this is the "only chance in a lifetime" for every architect?Because we decided to hold this event every 100 years...

  I 參賽內容Content

  A · 必選:1、理念闡釋文本

  闡述自己提議關于未來建筑的“新建筑5點”(具體提出1-5點不限,以建筑空間形態為主,不包含已達成共識的非空間類發展方向如智能建筑、綠色建筑、低碳建筑),解釋提議點的涵義、應用場景、相關案例、視覺效果、社會效益、創新性、經濟性等。每個提議點的文本不少于100字,配圖不少于1幅,文件格式為doc及pdf。2、演示PPT用于現場或線上演講,表達上述“理念闡釋文本”的理念、應用和效果,運用幻燈片演示手段有效與觀眾進行交流。PPT不少于5頁,不多于30頁,文件格式為ppt。A · Required:1. Conceptual interpretation textExplain the "5 points of new architecture " (1-5 points are not limited, mainly in the form of architectural space,excludingthe agreed non spatial development directions such as intelligent buildings, green buildings and low-carbon buildings), and explain the meaning, application scenarios, relevant cases, visual effects, social benefits, innovation and economy of the proposed points. The text of each proposed point shall not be less than 100 words, with no less than 1 picture, and the file format shall be doc and pdf.2. Presentation PPTUsed for live or online speeches to express the concept, application and effect of the above-mentioned "ideal interpretation text", and use slide presentation methods to effectively communicate with the audience. The PPT is no less than 5 pages and no more than 30 pages, and the file format is ppt.B · 可選:1、展示圖板以A1尺寸排版,用于呈現和表達“理念闡釋文本”的理念、應用和效果,包含但不限于體現該理念的成品建筑外觀、室內、鳥瞰照片或未建建筑方案效果圖、平立面圖、手繪草圖、三維概念圖,以及相應的說明文字、圖表、思維導圖等。圖板文件不多于3幅,jpg圖片格式。2、視頻文件體現“理念闡釋文本”的理念、應用和效果,包含但不限于體現該理念的成品建筑實拍視頻或建筑方案動畫視頻。時間不長于3分鐘,至少包含mp4視頻格式。B · Optional:1. Exhibition boardTypesetting in A1 size, used to present and express the concept, application and effect of the "ideal interpretation text", including but not limited to the finished building exterior, interior, bird's-eye photos or unbuilt architectural plan renderings and elevations that embody the concept, Hand-drawn sketches, 3D concept maps, and corresponding explanatory texts, diagrams, mind maps, etc. There are no more than 3 drawing board files, in jpg format.2. VideoReflect the concept, application and effect of the "ideal interpretation text", including but not limited to the finished building real shot video or architectural plan animation video that embodies the concept. The time is no longer than 3 minutes, at least including the mp4 video format.C · 規則:1、至少包含中文或英文版本。2、相同或非常近似的“點”標題文本,以先收到者為準。3、每位參賽者提交文本不超過5點,每點均有獲獎機會。4、所有償金為稅前。5、本通知若有后續修改,以ABBS官網通知為準。

  C · Rule:1. At least include the Chinese or English version.2. The sameor very close "point" title text, whichever is received first.3. Each participant submits no more than 5 points of text, and each point has the opportunity to win a prize.4. All bonuses are pre-tax.5. If there is any subsequent amendment to this announcement, the announcement on the ABBS official website shall prevail.


  作品提交:2021年12月18日-2022年4月30日作品評審:2022年5月1日-2022年6月18日入選公布:2022年6月18日Submission: December 18, 2021 -April30, 2022Review: May 1, 2022 -June18, 2022Announced: June 18, 2022


  一等獎:5點 載入史冊

  二等獎:10點 ¥5000/點幫助鏈傳遞獎:>10人 最高分享¥100001st prize: 5 points, Go down in History2nd prize: 10 points, ¥5000/pointPrize in Help Chain: >10, Share up to ¥10000

  獎金由OMG建筑事務所、絲路視覺提供贊助Sponsored byOMGandSilkroad Visual


  將參賽必選文件(理念闡釋文本、演示PPT)及可選文件(如果有的話)發往官方郵箱411598075@qq.com和gao@abbs.com,郵件標題“Next100 New5”,并附姓名、單位、聯系方式。

  Send the required documents (concept interpretation text, presentation PPT) and optional documents (if any) andyour name, organization, contact informationto411598075@qq.comandgao@abbs.comwith the title "Next100 New5".




  VI 支持Support




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